Education and Social Change, Edited and Introduced by Elżbieta Hałas
Frankfurt am Main 1998, Peter Lang Verlag

Introduction (Elżbieta Hałas)7
The Cultural System Approach29
Educational Circles38
Education for Democracy41
Social Persons and Cultural Changes41
The Social Person and Educational Circles46
The Influence of Occupational Circles66
Companionable Circles76
Social Groups85
Primary Cooperative Groups85
Deliberative Groups88
Executive Groups91
Sanctioning Groups101
The Possibilities of a New Social Order and a New Education107
Practical Conclusions116
Leadership and Followship in Creative Cooperation122
The Significance of the Issue of Leadership and Followship123
School and the Creation of Values128
School and the Participation in Culture131
Personality in Followship and Leadership. The Role of School134
The Problem of Reorganization of Institutional Education139
Educational Guidance147
The Sources of Education147
Primary Pattern of Educational Guidance151
Education as Formation of the Educand's Social Personality154
Beginnings of Educational Guidance Through the Educand's Reflected Self157
The System of Apprenticeship158
Teaching Formal Skills160
Ideational Preparation for Active Life162
Thinkers as Educators164
Professional Education in Vicarious Living168
Education as the Means to a Career173
The Significance of Authority and Prestige in Educational Guidance178
Education and Self Education in Modern Societies185
The Scientific Function of Sociology of Education197
The Primary Task of Sociology of Education199
Education as Preparation of Candidates for Group Membership201
Education for Specialized Roles206
The Social Cconsequences of Education208
Editor's Note209